Cross Canada Challenge beginning Nov 1, 2018

RHF CROSS CANADA CHALLENGE to help raise awareness for Mental Health is


  • What is the Cross Canada Challenge?
    • Ramsay Health & Fitness is raising awareness for Mental Health while helping to encourage others to stay active!
    • By signing up for your FREE online account you gain access to your own personal activity/fitness log that not only keeps track of what type of exercise you do daily and how long you are active each day but also monitors your monthly activity and tracks your progress across Canada in calculated steps!!
  • Why is RHF doing the Cross Canada Challenge?
    • Depression, anxiety and postpartum have personally affected many friends and family members as well as ourselves. Dawson has opened up about his struggle with depression in hopes of helping others along their journeys.  Raising awareness for mental health is something we are very passionate about.
    • Ramsay Health & Fitness is also a huge believer in using the gym as a way to prevent and cope with mental illness. A strong and healthy body will help create and sustain a strong and healthy mind.
    • Logging your minutes every day will help create positive healthy long term habits. Logging your minutes every day helps you to be accountable and feel rewarded by seeing your progress. 
  • Who can join?
      • RHF members – at any of our 5 locations
      • Non RHF members
      • Anyone who works out / is active / from home or another gym               
      • Anyone who resides – anywhere!
    • What do I have to do?
      • Create your FREE ACCOUNT
      • Log in to your account – every day!
      • Enter your active minutes – every day!
  • How do I join?
    • Log on to our website –
    • Click on Login – Register
    • Create your FREE ACCOUNT
    • Enter your active minutes every day – walking/jogging/running/cycling/yoga/rowing/elliptical/stepper, etc.


**Do you have a group / company / school / business that you think might be interested in joining the RHF Cross Canada Challenge and submitting their active time on a daily, weekly or monthly group basis?  We would love to have you!!  Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details**

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