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With a variety of treatments and therapies to offer and a great environment to be able to share with you, I am looking forward to working alongside Ramsay Health & Fitness to make it your best experience. I want to assist you along your health & wellness journey, working with your body’s needs through massage therapy, training or nutrition, we will have you living a balanced life and feeling your best!

Provided Physiotherapies

So what treatments do I offer
and how can they help you?

Massage Therapy- Your massage is suited to your needs and requirements. Relaxation, therapeutic/deep tissue or any of the massage additions below, can be used in your treatment to help bring your body into balance.  Melissa addresses imbalances throughout the body, working on the body as a whole, to find the root cause of your postural condition or muscle & joint issues.

She calls it a fine tuning, working on all the nooks and crannies that need addressing. Opening up the energy pathways and kinetics of the body, you are sure to leave feeling completely in the zone!

  • 45 minutes- 60.00
  • 60 minutes- 75.00
  • 90 minutes- 120.00
  • 2 hours- 150.00

Thai Yoga Massage- a slow, relaxing massage that is done on the floor on mats, while the client is wearing comfy, loose clothing.  Thai massage is done with gentle compressions and stretches to assist in opening the “sen” energy lines of the body. This can be a great massage to increase flexibility, decrease joint and muscle pain or for those who are not comfortable with the common massage clinic or spa setting.

  • 90 minutes- 140.00
  • 2  hours – 175.00

Cupping Massage – a Chinese technique that using suction cups to assist in stretching the fascia, promoting circulation and releases tension.  This provides instant results in loosening the tissues and muscles.  It is great for athletes, those who experience frequent headaches or migraines, alone with many other conditions.

Hot Stone Therapy- Massage done with hot basalt lava stones to ground you and promote deeper relaxation for your muscles by heating them up and increasing that circulation instantly.  This massage can assist in keeping the aches and pains away longer as the deep heat creates amazing healing benefits.  This massage may leave you drooling.

An additional 15.00 for your 60/90 minute massages.

Indian Head Massage- a treatment done specifically on the head.  With different essential oils and stimulating massage techniques done to  the scalp and neck, this massage relieves a lot of tension that can build up in the head and shoulder from stress, overthinking and so many daily responsibilities.  If you only have a quick half hour to relax, or want to try something different, or just LOVE having your head massaged… this one is a great choice!

½ hour- 50.00

Bodytalk – Bodytalk is a simple, effective therapy that allows the body’s energy systems to be resynchronized so they can operate as nature intended.  The body needs each system, cell and atom in the body to be in constant communication with each other.   If communication is compromised, it can lead to a decline in physical, emotional and or mental health.  

Clients tend to see long lasting results and improvements rather than short term symptomatic relief.  It is non-invasive, objective and works effectively on humans, plants and animals!

Each session last about 1 hour- 65.00

For more info- visit www.bodytalksystem.com

Access Bars- This treatment works on 32 bars or points of energy that run through and around your head connecting different aspects of your life.  This is where the electromagnetic components or all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything are stored.

It helps to de-charge your brain, opening you up to more possibilities in your life rather than feeling shut down, feeling stuck or allowing your inhibiting thoughts to keep you from living your best life.

Can you imagine what you would be able to do and create in life if you were to get rid of your limitations?

You could be better in business, have more energy, have a better sex life, enjoy more harmonious relationships, sleep better.

1 hour session – 65.00

Yoga – Hatha yoga classes with Melissa are directed towards all levels of experience, as Melissa will provide you with Beginner, intermediate or advanced options for your poses/postures.

Her classes are a gentle, slow flow, focusing on posture, breathing awareness, and many other exciting practices during your classes. She likes to focus on similar thing in each class, however she also likes to twist things up and throw in new poses, new mudras and new knowledge in each class.

Yoga Classes – Ramsay Health & Fitness Classes

Tues & Thurs- 5:30-6:30pm

Members are FREE

Drop Ins- 10.00/ class or 10 for 80.00

Fridays- 12:10-12:50pm

Personal Classes

You can also book personal classes with Melissa in a pack of 3 or 5. These classes will be suited to your needs and requirements directed towards your goals, health conditions or just wanting to learn at your own pace.


110.00/3 sessions

175/5 sessions

Hey all!

Melissa Krochak here! I am excited to share with you so many amazing therapies and healing tools to add to your life, so you can live your life feeling and being your best self!

I grew up in Yorkton, Saskatchewan.   Since I was a young girl, I was always giving people massages. It was just something that I did naturally.  Whether it was friends or family or team members on volleyball and basketball teams, I was always giving someone a massage.

After high school, I studied in Lloydminster, taking Psychology, sociology, criminology and Health & Wellness classes. The mind and human body always fascinated me.

I then asked myself, why am I taking these extra classes when I know I want to become a massage therapist?

So off to Saskatoon I went from 2005-2007 to study Massage Therapy! Where I also added my Personal Training course.  This was amazing. I knew I was on the right path and doing exactly what I was meant to do.

Immediately after graduating Massage Therapy school in 2007, I moved to Brandon, Manitoba, where I began my career for 7 ½ years.  During these years, I expanded my knowledge into other areas including Bodytalk (The Bodytalk System), Access Bars (Access Consciousness), cupping therapy, hot stone massage, and many more massage courses.   

I also love to travel, while being in Brandon I had travelled to over 22 countries, and found a love for yoga and travelled to Rishikesh India to learn Hatha yoga for 6 weeks.  It was life changing! The knowledge I gained, the experiences I was blessed with, I am so grateful for that and always look forward to sharing how these natural therapies and practices can change your life for the better!

Toward the end of my time in Brandon, I was asking for a new way to create my business.  I received a phone call from a special company, sharing with me ways to build and create an online business. Which 4-5 years ago, I never even considered. This takes me to where I am now.

After living in Brandon Mb, I had decided it was time for me to flee the country and live up to my dream to live in another country and not just travel.  With my hands as my career, yoga and my knew knowledge with online & network marketing (oh did that open doors of possibilities)  I chose Puerto Vallarta Mexico to move to! A dear friend, whom I met at a marketing event and I started building Yoga retreats and a healing business.  It was a great learning experience. It was fun, magical and provided my soul with what it needed.

After 2 winters in Mexico, I have now moved back to Yorkton, Sask. and am looking forward to sharing with the community and surrounding areas all of this amazing knowledge and wisdom!

There are many healing modalities and therapies out there it can be hard to choose what is best for you.  So I have tried to combine a variety of tools that can help you choose what is best for you and have all these tools all in ONE PLACE!

It is great to work with clients and students and get to know them & their bodies. The transformations they make after sessions, months or even years, are remarkable. Not only physically feeling better, but mentally and emotionally.  Seeing these shifts and changes, is the greatest part of my career.

Our body is so intricately connected with the mind, emotions and the soul and for that reason, I have combined all of these aspects of health and wellness all together.

Being well rounded, I found has helped me to point clients, friends and family in the right direction if I find there is something that another health practitioner or modality can assist them with better.

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