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Exercise Tutorials

Not sure how to perform a certain exercise? Check out these quick tutorials put together by Shawn. 

Barbell Back Squat

Swiss Ball Pull-In

Superman on Incline Bench

Standing Rope Row with External Rotation

45 Degree Incline Dumbell Row


Trap Bar Shrug

Scott Dumbell Press

Seated Dumbell External Rotation on Scott Bench

Seated Pronated Grip Cable Row

Seated Dumbell Lateral Raise

Semi-supinated pull-up

Seated Rope Row to Neck

Side Bridge

Side Flexion on Swiss Ball

Side Lying Dumbell External Rotation

Single Arm Dumbell External Rotation - Elbow on Knee

Single Arm Lean Away Lateral Raise

Garhammer Raise on Swiss Ball

Incline Dumbell Flye with Rotating Grip

Incline Dumbell Press

Incline Dumbell Front Raise

Incline Prone Lateral Dumbell Raise

Inverted Row - Legs Elevated

Lat Pulldown to Chest

One Arm Barbell Shrug

One Arm Standing Dumbell Press

Poliquin Dumbell Raise

Prone Bridge

One Arm Standing Dumbell Press

Pronated Pull-up

Cobra on Incline Bench

Calve Raise on Leg Press Machine

Cuban Barbell Press

Eccentric Pullup Semi-supinated grip

Decline Dumbell Press

Decline Barbell Press

Elbowing Dumbell Row

EZ Bar Bentover Row - Pronated Grip

Flat Bench Dumbell Press

Flat Bench Dumbell Row

Incline Barbell Press

Barbell Bench Press

Flat Bench Dumbell Row

Incline Barbell Press

Arnold Dumbell Press

Bentover One Arm Dumbell Trap 3 Raise

Barbell Guillotine Press

Barbell Overhead Press

Cable Rope Standing External Rotation

Seated EZ Bar French Press

Seated Dumbell Zottman Curl

Seated Half Press in Rack

Seated Leg Curl

Side Step Up

Seated Barbell Good-Morning

Seated Single Arm Dumbell Zottman Curl on Scott Bench

Standing Rope Overhead Tricep Extension

Standing Reverse Curl with EZ Bar - Paused

Supinated Chin-Up

Tate Dumbell Press

Terminal Knee Extension with Band

Trap Bar Deadlift

Triceps Dips

Walking Dumbell Lunges

Triceps Pressdown

Walking Barbell Lunges

Scott Bench EZ Bar Curl

Scott Bench EZ Bar Reverse Curl

Single Arm Barbell Curl

Snatch-Grip Podium Deadlift

Single Leg Hip Extension Leg Curl Combo on Swiss Ball

Single Leg Leg Press

Standing Barbell Good-Morning

Standing Dumbell Midline Curl

Mid-Incline Dumbell Hammer Curl

Leg Press

Rear Foot Elevated Dumbell Split Squat

Front Foot Elevated Dumbell Split Squat

Goblet Squat

Glute-Hamstring Raise

Hip Extension Leg Curl combo on Swiss Ball

Heels Elevated Barbell Hack Squat

Heels Elevated Dumbbell Squat

Incline Dumbell Tricep Extension

Leg Extension

Mid-Incline Dumbell Curl with Offset Grip

Jumping Split Squat

Decline Dumbell Tricep Extension

Reverse Hyper on Swiss Ball

Flat Bench Dumbell Tricep Extension

Romanian Deadlift

Decline EZ Bar Tricep Extension to Bench

Reverse Body Drag Curl

Close Grip Barbell Bench Press

Dumbell Floor Press

EZ Bar Spider Curl on Scott Bench

Dumbell Spider Curl

Barbell Hip Extension

Body Drag Curl

Conventional Deadlift

Barbell Front Squat

Back Extension

1 and 1 Quarter Exercise Variation

45 Degree Back Extension

45 Degrees Back Extension With Weighted Eccentric